Thursday, December 31, 2009

Intuition and spirituality taught to children e-book

The entire collection in an e-book! All twelve holistic stories are in one 142-page e-book. The e-book contains all the illustrations—many of which are not in the printed book due to space limitations.

After reading this collection of stories, your child may want to talk about some of the lessons Sid learned. You are invited to let your child participate in The Sid Series Talent Showcase for Children.
See for details.

Download The Sid Series ~ A Collection of Holistic Stories for Children as an e-book $15.00

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Interview With Teenage Book Illustrator for The Sid Series

When I decided to publish a print copy of the twelve e-books in The Sid Series ~ A Collection of Holistic Story for Children, I still had a lot of work left to do on the illustrations. There were at least six books with no illustrations at all.

I love kids of all ages and wanted to encourage some young person in their artist abilities. I also had a small budget. Putting the two together, I sent out a few tweets on Twitter asking for referrals of high school or college-aged illustrators. I had an overwhelming response and ended up with about ten people from which to choose. Most were adults, who were asking prices that were out of my reach. There was one individual who stood out, 15-year-old Hayley John.

After getting approval from her parents to allow her to work for me, we got started while she was out of school during the summer. Not only was she fast in completing the projects, she was amazingly talented. She is available in her spare time to do illustrations for authors, so I decided to interview her as part of my blog tour.

YVONNE: When did you first realize you had artistic talent?
HAYLEY: I started to notice and use my artistic talent mainly in third and fourth grade. In junior high I really started to love art and to develop new skills in that area.

Tell me about some of the first art you created.
Well, the very first pictures I drew were of horses. I loved to draw horses but because I was young they looked more like bananas with a head, tail and four legs. one of the first real pieces of art I created in junior high. One day I decided to try to draw a dog that I saw in a children book. I did it in pencil and it turned out nice and I ended up giving it to my mom for mother's day. ( I attached a photo of this drawing)

How old were you when others started noticing you had such talent?
When I was 10 or 11 ( fifth and sixth grade)

Have you taken art classes?
I took one last year ( my freshman year) and two in junior high.

You worked with colored pencil, water color, and digital formats on The Sid Series. What is your favorite medium to work with?

I have always liked pencil but because of the lack of color and fun you can put into pencil I like digital and water colors. I have to say that digital is by far my favorite for a lot of reasons. First, there is no mess at all. Second, If I mess up no one has to know because it erases completely away. Third, because with digital I am able to fill a space completely with color without much effort.

What are you future hopes or plans after high school?
Do you plan to incorporate art into your career? I plan to attend a local collage for a few years before attending Brigham Young University, my dream collage. I still have no plans for a future occupation. No, I don't think I want to incorporate art into my future career. This may sound odd because I do love art, but in my opinion if art becomes work it is no longer play. I want this to be kept as a fun hobby or a resource to earn a little extra money when needed.

After working with a teenager, I decided to give even more kids a chance to express and share their talent by offering them a chance to participate in The Sid Series Art Showcase for Children. The  showcase is NOT a contest! Children will not be judged or rejected for their heart-felt creativity. Instead, every story, artwork, and audio will be recognized and everyone's talent will be included in a community e-book that can be shared with family and friends. Each participant will get a free copy of the e-book comprised of the art and stories created by participating children. See art showcase guidelines.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Mind, Body, Spirit Book for Children

Some children show early signs of a deep understanding of spiritual concepts. Using adorable and entertaining stories, The Sid Series ~ A Collection of Holistic Stories for Children gives examples of how these gifted youngsters experience the spirit world in their everyday lives.These books share messages that support the whole child—body, soul, and spirit—by empowering and building self esteem, teaching environmental awareness, or caring for the physical body.

Read reviews for The Sid Series (ISBN 978-0982572207).

This unique collection of short stories is rooted in imagination and truth to expand our awareness and tell us something about our spiritual selves. The 12 stories deal with topics that children and many adults have a difficult time understanding and believing.

Have you heard about The Sid Series Talent Showcase for Children? Check it out at

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sid's Fairy ~ Learning about Inner Guidance

A Book for Kids (and Adults) Who Love Fairies

Many children who see ghosts also see elemental spirits, better known as Nature Spirit World: Gnomes, Elves, Leprechauns, Faeries, Elfkins, Greenies, Brownies, Sprites, Salamanders, Cloud Spirits, and Bush People. Yvonne Perry’s step-granddaughter, Keilie, has reported seeing fairies since she was very young. The two of them have created several fairy houses and left many gifts for the fairies in Yvonne’s mandala garden when Keilie lived in Tennessee (see photo). Now that 8-year-old Keilie lives eight hours away in South Carolina, Yvonne only sees her a few times each year. But when they do get together, she takes Keilie on at least one scavenger hunt to find things the fairies can use to make their whimsical lives easier.

Yvonne is the author of The Sid Series ~ A Collection of Holistic Stories for Children (ISBN 978-0982572207). This book of 12 body-mind-spirit stories focus on life skills such as overcoming fear, helping others, being true to one’s self, following inner guidance, caring for the body, having self-worth, appreciating diversity, dealing with change, accepting death, being environmentally conscious, and using spiritual gifts. While the series features her grandson, Sidney, as the main character, one of the stories, “Sid’s Fairy ~ Learning About Inner Guidance,” is about meditation and interacting with the elemental kingdom. This story has a special place in Keilie’s heart as well mine.
As a thank you for visiting this blog today, I would like to share a reading of “Sid’s Fairy.” Simply click the small arrow to listen to the story while you turn along the pages of the flip book. Your little ones will love it!

MP3 File

Available for all electronic reading devices on

Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Stormy Adventure ~Facing the Fear of Storms

In "A Stormy Adventure ~Facing the Fear of Storms" Sidney and Von-Von take a kayak trip on the Banana River lagoon when a thunderstorm suddenly threatens their safety. Sidney faces his fear of storms by understanding Mother Nature.

Download as e-book $3.00

Friday, December 25, 2009

How to Participate in The Sid Series Children's Talent Showcase

Children are encouraged to write a story, create artwork, or make an audio recording that demonstrates a lesson he or she learned by reading The Sid Series ~ A Collection of Holistic Stories for Children.

The art showcase is NOT a contest! Children will not be judged or rejected for their heart-felt creativity. Instead, every effort will be recognized and everyone's work will be included in an e-book that can be shared with family and friends. Each participant will get a free copy of the e-book comprised of the art and stories created by participating children. See art showcase guidelines.

First, you have to be familiar with the lessons taught in The Sid Series. If you are unable to purchase a copy of my book, please let me know which lesson your child wants to illustrate or write about, and I'll send you a PDF of that story. The widget below shows inside the Sid book and may spark an idea.

Second, share your story by drawing, painting, sketching, or writing about how you learned or have experienced a Sid lesson in your life.

Third, you will sign a release that allows me to use your child's entry to create an e-book
and give it away to everyone who wants it. I will also post every story and piece of art turned in here on this blog.

Fourth, since an e-book is an electronic book, you will need to send me your child's writing as a Word document. You may need a scanner to convert your child's art into a jpg. The number to use for creating your audio recording is (214) 615-6505 ext 1210.
    Start working on your art, audio, or writing now. You may send it to me between December 26, 2009 and January 25, 2010.

    Thursday, December 24, 2009

    Does Your Child Have An Imaginary Friend?

    If your child interacts with an invisible playmate, he or she is not alone or crazy. By the age of seven more than 60 percent of children have had at least one imaginary friend. Although not seen by grownups, the friend may be personified in a doll or stuffed animal. Some of these friends may reside constantly with your child while others simply drop by once in a while for a visit.

    Sometimes an imaginary friend gets blamed for things that the child did. For example, my son’s imaginary friend named Peter got blamed for not picking up his wet towel and swimsuit after a visit to my mom’s pool one summer. It was actually my son who didn’t pick up his towel and swimsuit. Peter somehow missed getting in our car when we left Mom’s that day. I must have said something to discourage my son because when I refused to go back and pick up Peter, my son never mentioned his friend again. If I had it to do over, I would have turned around and drove back to Mom’s to get my son’s friend. When he was about five years old, my son’s son, Sidney, had sword battles with a group of playmates he called the Onks.

    Is the invisible playmate contrived in the child’s mind or is having an imaginary friend a trait of a child who is interacting with the spirit realm? I’m inclined to believe that it is a sign that the child is in touch with his or her inner guidance.

    When I was a child I had a little yellow duck. My duck sat next to me at the table, took rides on my bike, listened to all my secrets, and went everywhere I went. I left the duck in my grandmother’s lap when I was about five or six years old. I forgot about him until I was 40 years old. When I was going through a very difficult time in 1999, I dreamed of my little yellow duck. In the dream, my duck asked me if he could come back and I said yes. The next time I saw my grandmother I asked her if she still had my duck. I expected that she might have completely forgotten about him, but to my surprise she said, “Yes, I still have him. I’ve been waiting for you to come back to get him.” I thought she was just playing along with me as she pretended to transfer him to me, but things in my life changed after that incident.

    I found that the voice of my internal guidance was turned up a notch. I began hearing wise and logical advice in my head that led me to make decisions that were remarkably healing for me. Looking back on my imaginary friend, I now realize that my yellow duck was one of my spirit guides.
    Some children speak in an unknown language with their imaginary friends. My step-granddaughter had an Asian-sounding language that she used before she learned to speak English. She called me Ho-Ho, and while I wasn’t sure whether she was equating me with Santa, I sensed that she and I had been together in a past life in which we shared this language.

    If your child has an imaginary friend, there is no reason to be upset. Whether or not your child’s playmate is a spirit guide, it is a natural and positive experience for your child to enjoy these invisible friendships. They give a child confidence when in a frightening or unfamiliar situation, such as the first day of kindergarten. As Sidney demonstrates in “You Can Be” and “A Powerful Potion” (stories in The Sid Series), children try out different roles of authority with their imaginary friend and may become the teacher, mother, father, doctor, or zoo keeper!

    It’s fun to observe a child interacting with an imaginary friend. Listen to their conversations. They may be telling you something about themselves or working out a problem or stressful situation. Always encourage your child’s developing imagination and never discount the possibility that your child may be receiving inner guidance that will serve him well all his life.

    Wednesday, December 23, 2009

    Lessons Taught in The Sid Series

    • Sid’s Fairy ~ Learning about Inner Guidance teaches children to meditate and sense the still small voice inside.
    • A Stormy Adventure ~ Facing the Fear of Storms. How have you overcome your fear of storms or the fear of something else?
    • The Pirate’s Treasure ~ Finding Treasure Within. What is the greatest treasure and where is it found? How did you find it?
    • You Can Be! ~ Understanding Destiny and Making Choices. What would you like to be when you grow up?
    • Ask Your Body ~ Understanding the Body’s Needs. Do you know what your body needs to be healthy? How are you helping meet your body’s needs?
    • A Ghost in My Closet ~ Communicating with Angels. Have you ever seen or heard a ghost or angel? What did he or she say or do? Do you hear your inner guidance?
    • A Powerful Potion ~ The Power of Imagination. Do you believe in magic? Have you ever witnessed a miracle?
    • My Friend’s Skin ~ Accepting and Appreciating Diversity. Do you have friends of a race different than your own? What do you like best about that person? What have you done to show love to someone who is not like you?
    • Puppy Love ~ Dealing with the Death of a Pet. Has a pet or someone you love died? What does it mean to die? Tell about your experience.
    • Old Things New ~ Learning About Recycling. Do you recycle? What are you doing to keep the earth clean and safe?
    • Always Be Honest ~ Learning to Tell the Truth. Have you ever told a lie? How did it make you feel? How did you resolve the situation?
    • Making Room for Brother ~ Coping with Family Changes. Has your family gone through a big change? Perhaps a new person came into your life, or maybe someone moved out of your home. Tell or draw what happened.

    Tuesday, December 22, 2009

    Children's Art Showcase!

    Thank you to everyone who participated on my book blog tour for The Sid Series. I had a blast and I hope you learned something to help you better understand psychic children.

    I gave away The Sid Series Coloring Book to everyone who purchased the printed book during my blog tour, but if you purchased the book and didn't get the coloring book, be sure to let me know and I'll send it right away.

    Click for information about my Children's Art Showcase!

    Monday, December 21, 2009

    The Author of the Sid Series Speaks about Young Age Grand-parenting

    I was completely out of the mold when I made my mother a grandmother when she was only 39 years old. Most people in my graduating class were college bound and weren’t thinking of starting a family, but I was ready to be a wife-and-a-mother (one word). For some reason, I had the goal of being a teenage mom. I met that goal when I gave birth to my son only three weeks before I turned twenty. But, Mom never complained about being made into a granny. Like me, she was glad to have a little one around again.

    These days, it seems like couples aren’t waiting as long before starting a family as they once did. It has become the norm for folks to become grandparents in their early forties. I became a grandmother when I was only 40 years old. That’s when my son and his wife gave me the blessing of Sidney.

    Sidney has been a joy since day one. He began staying overnight at my house as soon as he was weaned. We have enjoyed many outings together. We’ve gone to the circus, the museum, the holistic fair, flea markets, shopping malls, restaurants, and the zoo. We’ve seen Dora the Explorer twice at TPAC, visited several parks and playgrounds, gone canoeing, watched lots of movies, taken out-of-state road trips, and made our annual summer trip to Nashville Shores water park. I have step-grandchildren that I also enjoy spending time with, but since they live in another state eight hours away, I don’t get to color and do arts and crafts with them as often as I’d like.

    Being a grandparent at an early age gives me a chance to be kid again while I can still fit my butt in the park swings, climb the rope feature, and fly down the sliding board without throwing up. My grandkids keep me young. That’s why I was so excited to find out that I was getting a new shipment from the stork in 2009. This year I’ve been blessed with four new grandsons: Lochlan in April, Liam in June, Jonas in July, and Payton in October. My kids never have to ask twice or worry that I’m too busy to keep their babies when they need a break. I’m glad to steal all those hugs and kisses and I don’t even mind changing a dirty diaper or getting in the floor to be on their level. I had my husband get the baby equipment down from the attic so I could set up a crib in the spare bedroom. Every time I go shopping, I look for new baby stuff.

    With Sidney being my first biological grandson and the only grandchild near me for many years, I have to admit I’ve been a tad biased toward him. I wrote a series of stories for him starting when he was three years old. In them, I related some of the things we did together and mentioned the insight he has brought me. Now that Sid is almost nine years old, he helps me write the stories. I finally published our book titled The Sid Series ~ A Collection of Holistic Stories for Children. It’s available at

    Another thing about being a young grandparent is that I’m in touch with the latest technology and have most of the gadgets that the younger generation plays with—except for a Playstation, Game Cube, or Guitar Hero—much to Sid’s disappointment. My mom has video games at her house. I have two computers at my house and Sidney has his own folder on my PC, complete with his bookmarked and favorite Web sites.

    Sidney is so grown now, that I was able to interview him on my podcast to talk about his book, The Sid Series. How’s that for technology and young age grandparenting?
    Yvonne Perry is a freelance writer and editor, award-winning bestselling author, podcast host, blogger extraordinaire, newsletter publisher, Internet marketing guru, and an outstanding keynote speaker. She is a graduate of American Institute of Holistic Theology where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Metaphysics.