Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Sid Series Coloring Book

With illustrations from each of the twelve stories in The Sid Series book, the companion coloring book has 34 pages to entertain children and help them remember the messages from the body-mind-spirit stories. It comes in e-book format that can be printed as often as you like for hours of artistic fun.

If you are participating in The Sid Series Children's Talent Showcase, you may color and submit a picture from the coloring book!

Download The Sid Series Coloring e-book for $3.00

After working with a teenager, I decided to give even more kids a chance to express and share their talent by offering them a chance to participate in The Sid Series Art Showcase for Children. The showcase is NOT a contest! Children will not be judged or rejected for their heart-felt creativity. Instead, every story, artwork, and audio will be recognized and everyone's talent will be included in a community e-book that can be shared with family and friends. Each participant will get a free copy of the e-book comprised of the art and stories created by participating children. See art showcase guidelines.

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