Monday, February 8, 2010

Today is Sidney's Birthday!

February 8, 2001 was a very special day for me, my son, his wife, and many others. It was the day that Sidney was born. Sidney is my first biological grandson and naturally he holds my heart in his hands!

 Sidney is the inspiration behind The Sid Series ~ A Collection of Holistic Stories for Children. I wrote these stories for and about him beginning when he was about three years old.

Last week his mom, Amanda, called me about a school field trip coming soon. Siblings are not allowed to go on the trip and since Sidney now has a 7-month-old baby brother named Jonas ("Making Room for Brother" is one of the stories in the book), I thought Amanda wanted me to keep the baby while she went on the field trip. No, Sidney wants Mom to stay home with Jonas and Von-Von to go on the field trip with him! So I guess I'm going to get to ride a big yellow school bus next month!

Happy Birthday, Sidney!


  1. My mother has been there.

    I would love to read more when I have the time.

    Running a business, writing, and reviewing doesn't leave a lot of time for pleasure reading.

  2. High five! Congrats! I know how dear grandbabies are.

  3. Happy birthday, Sid. Hope you enjoy your field trip with Von Von

  4. Nice story- hope you had a blast on the trip..::)

  5. How very fun to go on a school field trip with your grandson! Brings back such fond memories. We went on lots of them when I was in 3rd grade- explains why I LOVED the third grade! ha! Have a fantastic time!!

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  6. Hi, Yvonne,

    I hope Sidney had a wonderful birthday and you had fun together on the field trip. Do I foresee another story for the Sid Series?

  7. There's always another story in me, but I think Sid may take over the authorship from this point, Suzanne. Thank you all for joining me here on my blog. I hope the coffee was to your liking. If not, I can brew some tea or hot cocoa to warm you.

    Love and light!


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