Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wrapping Children in Angel Love

In the story, “A Ghost In My Closet ~ Communicating With Angels,” Sidney encounters what he thinks is a ghost in his closet. Von-Von affirms the presence of angels in Sid's life and teaches him how to interact with his divine helpers and spirit guides without being afraid. Helps children with intuition or those who see in the spirit to accept this mystical gift.

One of our most important spiritual tasks is to bring up the children of the world to feel safe, happy and confident. Parenting is a spiritual responsibility undertaken specifically by the mother and father but we can all do our part to help children everywhere.

Children are very sensitive and their auras are open to other people's thoughts and feelings. They take everything in. When there is bereavement, divorce or disharmony in the family, children are inevitably upset, whether they show it or not. And there are children without parents or where the parenting is inadequate. Also some children have very disadvantaged backgrounds. When these children are introduced to angels it can give them enormous reassurance and comfort. Angels can help them in many ways. Just knowing of the presence of angels can change their lives.

Karen was a primary school supply teacher, who worked in under privileged areas. Wherever she went she would tell her classes about angels. At one school she had in her class a five year old boy, called Daniel, who came from particularly difficult home circumstances. As usual she told the children about angels. The little boy asked her if he really had an angel because he was no good at school. He wasn't good at reading and he couldn't do sums. She told him that angels don't see whether you can do sums. They only see you as perfect. He looked up at her with big eyes and his face glowed.

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