Monday, April 26, 2010

Heart Story Classroom Visit

In April, my husband and I took a trip to South Carolina where we enjoyed spending time with our kids and grandkids while school was out for spring break. The last day we were there, the children had to go back to school, so we made a visit to the grandkids' classrooms to share The Sid Series.

It was Heart Story day in Keilie's class and I was privileged to be interviewed by about twenty 2nd graders, who later drew a picture and wrote a short story about what they thought of my visit. What a blessing it was to receive the book they made for me, and know that I had touched the hearts of such appreciative children!

I used this time in the classroom to draw upon my teaching skills (I taught preschool and music for many years) to help them define a word that many adults do not fully understand. What does "holistic" mean? I explained the body-mind-spirit concept of healthy living before I read "Old Things New," one of the twelve stories in the book.

When I asked the kids to tell me what ways the story showed Sidney using his physical body, thinking brain, and heart of compassion, I was surprised at how well they responded.

"Sid used his body to pick up the trash in the neighborhood," one boy said.

"He used his brain to sort stuff for the yard sale," another boy said.

"He used his spirit to show love to Mrs. Jones and Von-Von," a little girl said. That one nearly brought tears to my eyes!

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