Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How Children React to Natural Disasters

My grandson's elementary school was severely damaged during the flood in Nashville May 1 and 2. He's out for the rest of this year. Everyone has pulled together in his community to help the victims whose homes and businesses were torn apart by the 13+ inches of rain we received that weekend. Here's a photo of the flooded school.

Sidney doesn't seem to be bothered by the situation, which is good since he is so energy sensitive, but I wonder how those children who lost their homes are fairing in the aftermath. I've heard that some kids were helping with the clean up. While this is noteworthy and admirable, I have to wonder how safe it is. The water was not just from the nearby lakes, river, and streams; the runoff of the downpour also filled the sewer system and flooded the area with filth.

What are your thoughts on this? Should children be encouraged to participate in clean up as a way of dealing with a natural disaster in a positive manner, or should they be protected emotionally and physically whenever possible?

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