Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kids Who See Ghosts at a Blog Near You!

Check out the tour schedule for Kids Who See Ghosts by Dr. Caron Goode. Feel free to follow these bloggers on Twitter as well.

May 25 Don’t miss this podcast interview how parents can help kids who see ghosts @spiritusshelagh @shelagh

May 26 How is one inspired to write about children who see ghosts? Don’t miss this interview by @Margo_L_Dill

May 27 How intuition helped guide in writing about children who see ghosts-Dr. Goode tells all .

May 28th How can spiritual authors learn from ‘Kids Who See Ghosts’? @SpiritAuthors talks with the author.

May 29th Why do children see ghosts that adults can’t? This and more on developing brains with @loveguruglenn .

May 30 Can Kids Who See Ghosts help parents with terrified children? @writerinthesky asks this and more

May 31 Visit Ellen Braun on her blog to learn how parents can help kids through fears.

June 1 How can parents help children thru fear of ghosts? @luannschindler finds some answers

June 2 How can creative, exceptional thinking & humor help kids not be afraid? @drrflower helps guide parents

June 3 Why are ghosts such an unspoken topic? @phluphee Heather Woodward provides some answers at .

June 4 Can parents help children understand their dreams? @ellenbraun asks Author Dr. Caron Goode

June 5 Imagination and creativity CAN help make kids better students. @parent_coach explains how

June 6 Don’t miss author of the Sid Series @writerinthesky interviewing Dr, Goode about children and ghosts

June 7 Want to learn how to write about a hot topic? Join @CathStucker at for an insightful how-to.

June 8th Help kids move through fear of seeing ghost. New book guides parents.Available w/FREE Bonuses!

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