Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Leaving Baby With Someone for the First Time

Recently, I had the privilege of watching my 10-month-old grandson, Liam, while his parents went on a mini-vacation. It was the first time they had left him with anyone overnight.

I tried to keep the baby on the mommy-approved schedule and follow the five pages of typed notes my daughter sent with a carload of equipment, but the truth is I cheated a little . . . okay, a lot! I let him stay up past his bedtime because he kept playing peek-a-boo through the bars of his crib; I never let him cry a whimper without picking him up. He didn't stay in one of those fortified diapers (guaranteed to hold a gallon of pee) for more than a couple of hours. He ate table food that I pureed in the blender. I either walked around with him attached to my hip or else I sat in the floor and played with him or rocked him almost all day everyday they were gone. I had him 95 percent spoiled rotten in less than three days.

Did Liam miss them? I'm sure in his own way, he did, but he was totally at peace in the loving care of his Von-Von and didn't seem all that impressed when his parents came back for him. My daughter was more than a little disappointed to see him reach for me while she was holding him, but she was also thankful that he did so well in being separated from her and his daddy. In fact, Liam did better than they did with separation anxiety.

The parents were supposed to be away from Friday until Wednesday, but they missed the little guy so much they ended up coming back to get him on Monday afternoon. They had a stay-cation at home with baby the rest of the week to catch up on all the hugs and kisses they missed. I understand how they felt being away from him. I moped about the house the rest of the week because I missed him so much.

In the photo, Liam says, "You're back already? You were supposed to stay until Wednesday."

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