Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mother's Day with the Family

Mother's Day 2010 was marvelous. I spent time with both of my adult children and their lovely families.

My son, his wife, and their two boys came over for lunch and we had fun hanging out on the back porch and playing with the boys in the living room floor. Ten-month-old Jonas had his first teething biscuit and was allowed to make a total mess of his face, clothes, high chair, and bib. He also learned to drive as you can see in the photo to the right.

Sid is nine years old and not very impressed with a baby biscuit. Instead, he got to have guacamole dip and chips. I know, it's a strange treat, but he loves it and wanted something quick and easy so he could get back to playing games on the computer.Oh, and he learned to climb a tree in my backyard.

Then, at 4 p.m. I got to see my daughter and her husband and baby. Liam and I picked up with our playtime and true to course I continued my work on spoiling him. He got to blow bubbles in Von-Von's club soda. It was his first time to drink from a real glass and he loved it. After that, he got his own plastic cup to make silly noises in.

I think my reason for spoiling the boys is because I am secretly trying to make up for the harsh parenting I imposed upon my own kids. I wish I could go back in time and be more loving and gentle, more patient and understanding, more like my kids are with their kids now. Yes, I would be the kind of mother my daughters are. If only . . .

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