Tuesday, May 25, 2010

OMG! My Kid Sees Ghosts!

Ghosts are a hot topic, as evidenced by the average ten million viewers of the television show Ghost Whisperer. Current media interest on this topic of ghosts will continue and expand because the public is fascinated by what we once called the “paranormal.” I am thinking the term “normal” is now more appropriate because more television shows on paranormal topics are airing and books on topics like vampires and fairies of this fantasy genre grow in popularity.

When children see ghosts, what’s a parent to do? Moms and dads ask themselves, “Does my child possess unique gifts, or is my kid possessed? Will this be a one-time, ‘weird’ event, or is my child destined to be haunted for life? Does my child need psychological help or some kind of meds? Should I believe what my child reports even if I don’t believe in ghosts?”

Learn more in this article on Spiritus Blog.

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  1. Linda Joy, I'm impressed that you became an author of a 200-page book when you were only a child! What a gift! Thanks for commenting here.


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