Thursday, June 3, 2010


My grandson Sidney has a new playhouse in our backyard thanks to Ran-Ran, who used scrap lumber to erect an enclosed pen for our firewood. Atop the pen is a deck with lattice to create sides for a 4'X4' house complete with a roof and ladder. All it needed, in Sid's opinion, was a flag, which he asked me to help him make.

It had to be weather proof since it was going to be left outside, and he had to be able to color on whatever fabric I found for this purpose. Coming up with material might have proven difficult had I not put the plastic bag in the recycling bin when I used the last of the potting soil. The white interior of the bag worked perfect as the backdrop for Sid's rendition of the flag of Antarctica. Why the icy continent? I don't know; I was not the concept artist, just the engineer on this project, so I drew what I was asked to by the nine-year-old.

Ran-Ran found a thin strip of wood that made for a great flag pole, but getting it to stay in place was another engineering dilemma. As you can tell in the photos, Sidney figured out what to do.

The sun was shining brightly today and the pictures of the organic tomatoes on one side was actually more visible on the white side than words and penguin drawn by the permanent markers we used. I guess in a child's world, Antarctica can grow organic snowmaters.

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