Friday, July 16, 2010

Mommy, There's a Ghost in my Room!

More and more people (especially children) are seeing spirits and angels. One of the stories contained in The Sid Series ~ A Collection of Holistic Stories for Children is "A Ghost in My Closet ~ Communicating with Angels." Three-year-old Sidney sees something in his closet and he is afraid. He calls Von-Von—his psychic grandmother—into the room to help him find peace. This story is one of twelve that teach children as well as parent and caregivers how to support a child who sees in the spirit realm or has other spiritual gifts such as healing ("A Powerful Potion").

How do we deal with this phenomena? Learn how to guide these psychic kids through their fear as Dr. Caron Goode joins LavendarRose (a.k.a. Yvonne Perry) on We Are One in Spirit Podcast where they will be sharing insight about kids who see ghosts.

In our interview, Dr. Goode and I talked about how we become interested in helping children who see in the spirit realm. We answered questions sent in by a mother (Jennifer) who requested help for her son, Cody. He sees ghosts—there are at least four spirits who stay in their home and several others that come and go. Jennifer says one ghost named James can't leave Cody. She thinks James may be Cody's spirit guide. The question I posed to Caron in our interview is “do we always have to cross spirits over? What harm is there in allowing them to stay?”

Kids not only see ghosts, they hear them as my grandson, Sidney, did when he was at my house a week or so ago. Caron and I explored some other ways we might we know that we have a ghost near us. Yes, they give us signs!

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Dr. Goode helps parent and children who come to her for counseling. First, there must be an agreement among the family members. She might ask the mother if she wants the ghost to stay or go. Does the son want the ghosts around him? And, if so, then why?

"With the boy, I do a fill-in-the-blank exercise with a stream of consciousness: The ghosts are here because...I attract the ghosts to me because...I want them to leave because...I don't etc.... My boundaries disappeared because . . ." says Dr. Goode. Then, she might ask the mother and child, "Are you willing to take back your power or be empowered in this situation?"

Archangels Michael and Chamuel assist me with helping disembodied spirits find their place in the afterlife. In our chat, Dr. Goode and I discussed protocol for opening a door of light and asking angels to assist in moving them on. I’ve used this method many times.

In part two we talked about the psychic gift of empathy and how to set energy boundaries. Many people tend to carry the energetic burdens of others—both ghosts and humans—and this is affecting them in a negative way. The ability to feel the energy of others can be draining unless we learn to create healthy boundaries and use our intuition as a tool for spiritual guidance. Learn about heart light, calling on angels/archangels and deceased relatives, checking in, and reading energy.

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Dr. Caron Goode is gifted with compassion in assisting others to effect lasting transformation through spiritual coaching, books, classes and seminars. Caron’s continuous education, experience in psychology and professional writing makes her a great resource for parents wishing to create and maintain a nurturing relationship their children. The common thread of these disciplines is energy of the mind-body-spirit connection and how to access it, bring it into focus and then put it into successful action.

Goode graduated with a doctoral degree from George Washington University in 1983 and is a licensed psychotherapist. She completed post-doctoral certifications in Wellness and Women's Spirituality at the Institute for Transpersonal Psychology. In addition, she holds the titles of National Certified Counselor and Diplomat of the American Psychotherapy Association. She is the author of ten books, the most recent is Kids Who See Ghosts, Guide Them Through Their Fear.

Caron has shaped all of her professional endeavors into an educational program for training and certifying parents and professionals in supporting families through parent coaching or to receive a first-class, leading-edge parent education. She has positioned the Academy for Coaching Parents International ( at the forefront of the parent coaching movement to disseminate the coaching model of empowerment for parents.

In addition to directing the Academy of Coaching International (ACPI), Caron also manages, which provides strategies for parenting the whole child. This holistic approach supports children's physical health, emotional fluency, mental development, and spiritual enrichment. She also founded Intuitive Parenting & Intuitive Children web site, which offers specialized training for parents and parent coaches. (

For more information about Dr. Goode's books please see


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