Sunday, September 12, 2010

Robbie the Butterfly Book Review

Today I'm helping holistic author Robert Larson with his book tour. What better way to present a book than with a book review by a child who has read the book? My 8-year-old granddaughter Keilie and her mother provided this video book review for Robbie the Butterfly. The audio volume makes it difficult to hear what she is saying, so I am providing a script of her dialog.

My name is Keilie. I am doing a book review for Robbie the Butterfly by Robert Larson.

“Once upon a time there was a caterpillar named Robbie who grew up in a strange caterpillar world. Even as a tiny caterpillar, Robbie felt different from the other little caterpillars because, deep down, Robbie knew he was destined to transform into something wonderful. However, he didn’t know exactly what and it took him years to find out.”

Robbie the Butterfly is about a strange caterpillar living in a strange caterpillar world. He learns to be truthful in the book. Once he is truthful he turns into a butterfly. I liked everything about the book because it is nice. The main characters are Robbie, his family, and Angelly.

Robert Larson is a starseed/lightworker on the path of ascension. His mission in life is to spread the message to the children of the New Earth that being fully present each moment of your life is the key to spiritual transformation. His message to parents out there is to allow your kids to be empowered so they can transcend the wheel of karma and live a life of peaceful non-judgement. He is sharing this message through his book Robbie the Butterfly, which uses the caterpillar to butterfly transformation as a metaphor for the real transformation you go through when you live these truths.

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