Saturday, September 18, 2010

Teaching Kids to Meditate

My daughter-in-law loves her quiet moments and has taught her boys to respect her time of retreating to be still and know God. Therefore, meditation has been a familiar practice for my grandson from an early age. Currently, 9-year-old Sidney is taking karate lessons and meditation is part of that discipline as well. I saw Sidney sitting outside in lotus position when he was at my house recently. He was meditating with eyes open while gazing upon a sunflower that was growing along our fence. Obviously, the practice of meditation has become a natural part of his life and serves him well. He is the most easy-going, loving, self-disciplined, and even-tempered child I've ever known! He's the main character in The Sid Series.

One of the stories in The Sid Series book teaches children to develop their ability to sense and trust their intuition through meditation. If you are looking for a book to help your child learn to meditate and focus on his spirit within, I recommend Sid's Fairy ~ Learning About Inner Guidance. It is available (along with all twelve of my holistic stories for children) on formatted for Amazon's Kindle, Sony Reader, the iPhone and iPad.

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