Friday, October 15, 2010

Fairy Houses

I visited with my step-granddaughter this past week and enjoyed playing fairies with her. She made the cutest fairy house from a cardboard box and used her Pet Shop furniture to create a cozy place that any elemental would enjoy. I thought I would share with you the photos we took.

Knowing that fairies tend to trees and flowers and anything that lives, she wanted to put the fairy house in her favorite tree, the willow she loves to climb, but it kept falling and there was no room for her exquisite landscaping! But the back porch steps worked fine. Such imagination and creativity that child has!

She even dressed me with a fairy halo that she made from the branches of a willow tree. She wasn't too keen on my wearing it to the ice cream shop, but that didn't keep her from being seen with me. LOL!

There's nothing quite like being a grandparent! I wish she lived closer so we could spend more time together.

There is a story about fairies and meditation in my book, The Sid Series. I hope you will check it out.

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