Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gnomes and Electronic Equipment

My granddaughter was the one who taught me to believe in fairies. I thought they were just a myth. I was a skeptic like most people, but then I read a book that changed everything: A Gnome's Story by Christopher Valentine and Christian von Lahr. I learned that not only fairies live in a higher dimension than what most humans can see or hear, but also do elves, gnomes, leprechauns, and other elemental beings. Like working with angels (most of us can't see or hear them either) I've learned to work with the elemental kingdom and they truly bless my life.

My granddaughter had a good relationship with the elementals in her previous home, but ever since the family moved to a new house, they have had trouble with electronic stuff. Trying to get cable service in the area proved to be an enormous task, but once they secured a provider, they found that the cable to the house wasn't working. They no sooner got that fixed than a storm hit the line and it had to be repaired again. Two weeks ago her brand new computer got a virus and had to have the entire operating system restored. The Internet cable was out for four days last week. I realized by intuition what was going on and gave her the following advice. In case you need to know about this sweet and fun way to keep your electronics operating properly, I'll share it here. Your kids might enjoy doing this practice with you.

First, make friends with the elementals on your property. These light beings stay with their “territory” because they have been commissioned to care for the energy in that place, but like us, they also make travel and visit their friends from time to time.

The elementals at the new house may see you as intruding upon their space since that house was vacant for a while before you moved in. Set a dish of honey, wine, or beer out on your back porch and some cake, cookies, or bread. Then put a few pennies (they love the energy of copper) next to it. Place some flowers and/or sprinkle some herbs from your spice shelf or a tea bag around the dish.

Call the fairies, elves, and gnomes (silently like you would pray or aloud like you would call a puppy) and introduce yourself like you would to any neighbor. Tell them know your name and that you respect their right to be here and that you appreciate them caring for the property. Let them know that you would like to live there with them in peace and harmony.

The gnomes love having something to do and they are very handy at fixing things, so ask them to help in keeping your electronic equipment and cable line operating properly. Whenever you think of it, put a little something nice outside for them.

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