Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Why Didn’t I Listen to My Intuition?

We live in a society that has taught us that our feelings and emotions make us weak. I believe right the opposite is true: our intuition makes us wiser, safer, and happier. I feel that we do ourselves and our children a huge disfavor by not allowing them to truthfully express what they are feeling. I’m not saying that I applaud children who have a meltdown in the grocery store, but within reason, a child needs to know that what he feels inside about a person or situation is accurate.

Intuition is the sense, understanding, or feeling you have about something or someone. It may be a voice or image in your head, an urging or feeling in your body, a hunch or gut instinct, or a deep knowledge about something. An idea or solution may come to you out of the blue. It is not from the logical mind, but from a higher perspective that serves us on our path to enlightenment as well as to protect us on our physical journey on Earth.

How many times have you said or thought, “If I had only listened to myself, such and such would not have happened?” Your intuition is an aspect of divine guidance—our higher consciousness or spirit talking to us. By ignoring our intuition, situations do not generally turn out as well as they could have.
A woman I know was having problems with her bowels so she called her doctor. After running a few non-invasive tests and finding nothing wrong, he dismissed the condition and called it chronic diarrhea. Not satisfied with his diagnosis, the woman listened to her body, followed her intuition, and sought a second opinion. This doctor performed a colonoscopy, which revealed polyps and a large tumor in her colon. Immediate surgery was planned and about eight inches of her colon was removed. Had she ignored her intuition, the tumor could have developed into a cancerous mass.
Intuition is not something external or someone telling you what to do. It is your own mind speaking to you from a higher perspective and assisting you in making good decisions and avoiding trouble. However, most people are so busy, they don’t take time to listen to the gentle and wise voice within. Intuition does not shout. If you are stressed out, frustrated, upset, or angry you may miss an important message that could actually ease your burden.

The best information comes from spending quiet time each day. If you have not been listening to your intuition, you can start now. Take a deep breath, and ask your inner guidance, "What do I need to know at this moment?" Then listen without trying to formulate your own answer.
Invite your child to participate in a quiet time of his own. Most kids only spend time alone or in quietness when they are in the “time out” chair for something they did that upset an adult. How nice it would be for a child to create a voluntary time out that will strengthen his intuitive voice and help him notice how his intuition is communicating with him.

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