Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Awards in Scouts

Scouting is a positive experience for most kids. I was a girl scout and loved earning badges and going camping, hiking, and doing things with the group.
My mom was the den master for my brother's Cub Scout troop.Back then, girls couldn't participate in the public events such as the Pinewood Derby, but things have changed. They have a girl's division for competition! 

McKevlin’s Cub Scout troop participated in the Pinewood Derby this weekend. With their dad’s help, he and sister made cars. Keilie's is pink and McKevlin's is the gray shark (see photo). McKevlin’s car won in every round in his division. I guess it helps to have a dad who is an auto mechanic!

Tonight, the troop had an awards ceremony and McKevlin brought home three trophies for his shark car. One for 1st place in his division (all the Tigers and Wolves), another for boys’ 3rd place, and another for the best design. He also earned a baseball belt loop and his bobcat badge (see photo).

The Tiger boys brought in the flags for the opening and closing of the pack meeting. In the video, you will see McKevlin carrying a flag (or trying to!) into the opening.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_ZzB0RpC0g

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