Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Intuition Brings Situational Awareness

Have you ever thought about how important a role your children’s intuition plays in keeping them safe? Intuition is a clear flow of information aligned with our highest path and purpose. Because intuition brings situational awareness, children who listen to and follow the divine guidance have a lesser chance of falling victim to predatory acts. Why? Because they know when something doesn’t feel right about a place or situation, or when someone is not safe to be around.

We are energy-sensitive beings and I believe intuition is an instinct given to us for protection. All animals, including humans, have the ability to sense danger. Our ancestors used their intuition to know where to find food, when to hide or flee, and to predict a change in weather. All these sensory abilities were crucial to their survival. Unfortunately, many people today do not trust their intuition. Animals also use their intuition to determine whether or not someone is to be trusted. I’ve seen dogs display aggression toward a particular animal or human and then demonstrate friendly behavior to a complete stranger.

Babies are born with a basic intuition that will develop if encouraged rather than squelched. You may have noticed that a young infant may reach his arms out to a family member he has never met and then cry if another family member tries to pick him up. Watch for these cues. Many times adults teach children to devalue this protective gift by telling them that what they sense, see, or feel is not to be trusted. Forcing a child to go with someone he seems hesitant about causes him to mistrust the intuitive sense that could very well save his life later on.

The best way to teach your child to trust his intuition is by setting an example. There may have been times when you have been in a public setting and sensed something creepy about a person in line next to you. Perhaps the man was eyeing you or your child, or just standing too close for comfort. Did you take action in this situation? Did you mention it to your child? If not, a lesson could have been missed. You don’t want to frighten your child, but when you get to your car you could say something like, “Did you notice how that man was looking at us in the store? That made me feel uncomfortable and I would not want to talk to him. I feel safe when I pay attention to my feelings.”

We can instill self-confidence in our children and teach them how to be aware of their surroundings, avoid dangerous places, and not put themselves into situations where they may be harmed. That includes the Internet where pedophiles can easily access innocent children. Most child crimes are committed when children are allowed unsupervised access to the Internet. Be aware that many interactive video games are connected to the Internet. Teach your children what to watch for and remind them to never give their name, address, email address, phone number, or other identifying information on to anyone online unless they first ask you for permission. Make sure they are not visiting chat rooms or exchanging emails with someone they or you don’t personally know and trust.

Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, “The only real valuable thing is intuition.” You can learn to trust your intuition and use common sense to protect yourself and your children. This inner guidance that tells them who or what is and is not safe is accessible and with them all their lives even when you cannot be. Teach them to honor this ability and stay safe.

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  1. Interesting post, Yvonne! I come from a family of intuitives/empaths/seers, but we were always taught to hide our gifts in the spirit of self-protection. No matter the intent, hiding always seems to bring to mind shame or embarrassment. In my fifties now and finally learning to fully embrace my gut feelings. Sure wish I had learned this as a child. "I feel safe when I pay attention to my feelings." So simple and so powerful!

  2. I know what you mean, Marianne. I've hidden my gifts for many years, mainly because I didn't trust them or want to be ridiculed. I've moved past that now. It's time to let our light shine and use these gifts as tools to help others evolve.

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