Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sofia's Dream

I thought you might enjoy this charming and irresistible book for kids 4-8 years of age. It's Sofia's Dream by Land Wilson and it's now available just in time for Spring gift giving. I love kids' books that have a social message, which most do. But Sofia's Dream focuses on a subject that we all think about: our dear Mother Earth. Sofia befriends the sad moon and he urges her to take care of our planet. Children, parents and teachers alike will treasure this delightful fantasy. The author's rhymes will roll off your tongue as you take an exciting journey with Sofia to discover why her new friend, the moon, is so sad.
The innovative illustrations by Sue Cornelison portray Sofia's story perfectly with soft dreamy tones and imagess. Her limited use of color urges you to look at the interesting details on every page and gives the story a universal and classic appeal. Teachers will appreciate how the story offers opportunities to start discussions about the phases of the moon and Earth's limited resources. Children will be challenged to think of new ways to conserve the Earth's land, air and water. One retired teacher said, "I would recommend this book for every home and school library." http://bit.ly/%20sofiasdream

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