Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Sid Series is An Endearing Collection of Twelve Short Stories for Young Children

The Sid Series is an endearing collection of twelve short stories for young children. Each story shows how Sid and his grandparents experience universal truths about living and loving on Planet Earth. For example, Sid encounters angels and fairies, explores the magic and power of his imagination, and learns to look within for love and guidance. I love that the stories speak clearly to three year old children, and also excite the mind and heart of my nine year old daughter. If we can read books like The Sid Series to our youngest children, we can begin life-long conversations about self-discovery and the loving spirit that lives in all things universal. Thank you, Yvonne Perry, for condensing universal truths into beautiful tales that hold the attention of our toddlers. I feel this book is an act of creation not only for the hearts of our children, but for the wellbeing of our planet.

Alexandra Folz
Author of Indigo’s Bracelet

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