Sunday, May 8, 2011

Is Sleep Walking Related to Astral Travel or Projection?

Have you ever wondered why some kids (and adults) are prone to taking a stroll about the house during the night? Regardless of age, we are all more open to spiritual exploration during our sleep. Children—especially intuitive children—are easily able to tap into the spirit realm night or day. It’s no surprise then, that an intuitive child when deeply asleep is totally in another zone—an “out of body” experience in which some aspect of the human psyche actually travels to other dimensions.

Astral projection and astral travel are common among spiritually-gifted kids. It is important to understand the difference between astral travel and astral projection.

Astral travel is a process of projecting the consciousness into visual scenes. In meditation we might call this journeying or visualization. Some intuitives (empaths) may actually feel as if they are in the place imagined. However, astral traveling does not remove us from the physical body.

Astral projection is when our astral body actually travels to other places. This mainly occurs while asleep in dream states. The rapid eye movement phase is normally aligned with this phenomena. The person is only aware of the experience if he or she has memories afterward. Although we all have out-of-body experiences from time to time, there are those who can intentionally project their astral body and have a genuine experience while awake.

Sleep walking is caused when the astral body is unable to release itself from the physical body. The desire to project will animate the physical body without conscious awareness. A sleep walking person should not be awakened while in this state. Instead, help direct and get them back in bed and allow them to awaken on their own.

Yvonne Perry is a frequent guest blogger on this site. Her grandson, Sidney, was prone to sleep walking episodes when he was younger. One night his mother, Amanda, awoke and saw Sid standing at the foot of her bed. She was about to ask him to go back to bed when she realized it was his astral body and not his physical body standing there. Naturally, she was startled and jumped out of bed to check on him. She found him sound asleep in his own bed in his room. This demonstrates astral projection.

Our bodies are able to perform automatic functions like walking, drinking, urinating, or driving while having an out-of-body experience. You’ve probably found yourself so deep in thought while driving that you got from point A to point B without not being aware of how you got there. Perhaps you were deep in a daydream while walking and didn’t realize you had crossed the street until you “came to." I’ve left my house many times so preoccupied with thoughts that I couldn’t remember whether or not I turned off the stove or let down the garage door. However, my body automatically performed these functions while my mind strayed. It’s the same way when you are asleep or having an astral projection or sleep walking.

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