Friday, May 6, 2011

A Kid's Guide to Staying Safe

Recently, I was asked to endorse What Would You Do? A Kid's Guide to Staying Safe in a World of Strangers (Headline Books) written by Melissa Ridenour. It was a pleasure to do so, and now I'll share that review with you

Obviously, there is a need for this information. A copy of this book arrived the same day that my stepgranddaughter told me she was learning about ‘safe touch’ at school. She had a difficult time explaining what she had learned, and since she is an A student, there must have been some flaw in how the material was presented. Written so children can understand without feeling panic, What Would You Do: A Kid’s Guide to Staying Safe in a World of Strangers is the way I prefer my grandchildren learn about being safe.

“From understanding how to use Caller ID, setting a family code word, establishing an ICE (In Case of Emergency) list of safe people, to knowing what to do if a stranger comes calling, this book has everything a child needs to know about staying safe whether on the Internet, phone, or at home. With puzzles, quizzes, and a checklist to empower parents, this is a great handbook to help children discover their own answers to personal safety issues. This should be required reading for elementary schoolchildren.

—Yvonne Perry, author of Whose Stuff Is This? Finding Freedom from the Thoughts, Feelings, and Energy of Those Around You,, author of The Sid Series—A Collection of Holistic Stories for Children, member of National Writing for Children’s Center

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