Friday, May 20, 2011

When Fear Turns into an Anxiety Problem

By Yvonne Perry

It’s normal for early school age children to develop fears of insects, reptiles, strangers, and other tangible things they can see or touch. But, some kids, including teenagers, are afraid of intangible things such as the ghosts they are able to see, hear, and sense. More and more intuitive kids today are reporting their psychic abilities and the disturbances that accompany such activity.

Is your child getting visual images, having dreams, or sensing something isn’t quite right? This intuitive insight can help you redirect him by listening and offering to help him end his unhealthy relationship or association with an entity. However, young children may have trouble communicating their feelings, fears, and distresses. You may have to look for other indicators. Clinginess and sudden outbursts of anger are signs that your child is worried about something. If your intuitive teenager who normally does well at school suddenly becomes fearful or starts missing school or doing poorly on exams, he or she may have developed anxiety due to a paranormal experience that he or she is afraid to discuss with you.

Empathic children who see, feel, and hear in another dimension can be adversely affected by this energetic overload. An empath is sensitive to what is obvious as well as unseen things such as ghosts and the thoughts, emotions, and illnesses they sense around them. Empaths may get hunches, see mental pictures, hear voices, or have a gut feeling that supplies hidden information about people and situations. They may also get a physical sensation in their body that lets them know where another person is afflicted or suffering.

Fears that are overwhelming or last too long can lead to an anxiety problem. If you notice changes in your child's behavior, social interaction, sleeping patterns, or in the way she deals with her feelings, you may need to step in—especially if the patterns continue for more than three or four weeks. And if they continue for several months you need to seek professional help.

If your child reports seeing entities, but doesn’t show any of the usual anxiety symptoms, then you have nothing to worry about. Keep an open line of communication so the child feels comfortable talking to you regarding their sixth sense.

It will be helpful to teach your child how to keep her energy field (aura) clear and establish boundaries with ghosts. Chapter 9 of Yvonne Perry’s book lists many ways to help your energy-sensitive child. Learn more about WHOSE STUFF IS THIS? Finding Freedom from the Thoughts, Feelings, and Energy of Those Around You at .

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