Saturday, August 6, 2011

Listen to a Sample Audio Story for Children

Each story in The Sid Series ~ A Collection of Holistic Stories for Children focuses on life skills such as environmental awareness, helping others, being true to one’s self,overcoming fear, and following inner guidance.

This collection of body-mind-spirit books, e-books, and audio stories highlights unique lessons about love, acceptance, self-worth, caring for the body,diversity, facing fears, dealing with change, coping with the death of a pet, and understanding the spiritual experiences children exhibit.

Listen to a sample story now.

These stories share messages that support the whole child—body, soul, and spirit—by empowering and building self-esteem,teaching environmental awareness, and caring for the physical body.

Great for the classroom, young readers, or toddlers being nurtured at home. Parents who wish to teach their children to live holistically will appreciate the profound lessons. Check out the coloring books!

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Some children show early signs of a deep understanding of spiritual concepts. Using adorable and entertaining stories, The Sid Series gives examples of how these gifted youngsters experience the supernatural in their everyday lives.

The main character in The Sid Series ~ A Collection of Holistic Stories for Children is the author's first-born grandson, Sidney, who began manifesting spiritual intellect at a very early age.

Any parent, grandparent, guardian, or teacher with a child who talks of imaginary friends, seeing angels, or having past lives will find parenting role models in these children's stories written by Yvonne Perry. But, the book is not just for kids who show signs of spiritual attunement. Every child will benefit from the concepts of self-love and respect for others. Even adults love these sweet stories available in PDF, paperback, and MP3 audios as well as for the Kindle and other electronic readers!

Read reviews for The Sid Series (ISBN 978-0982572207).

Stories in the Sid Series include:

Sid’s Fairy ~ Learning About Inner Guidance

A Stormy Adventure ~ Facing the Fear of Storms

The Pirate’s Treasure ~ Finding Treasure Within

You Can Be! ~ Understanding Destiny and Making Choices

Ask Your Body ~ Understanding the Body’s Needs

A Ghost in My Closet ~ Communicating with Angels

A Powerful Potion ~ The Power of Imagination

My Friend’s Skin ~ Accepting and Appreciating Diversity

Puppy Love ~ Dealing with the Death of a Pet

Old Things New ~ Learning About Recycling

Always Be Honest ~ Learning to Tell the Truth

Making Room for Brother ~ Coping with Family Changes

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