Monday, October 10, 2011

Autism, Thought Forms, and a Higher Reality

Suzy Miller is the author of AWESOMISM!:  A New Way to Understand the Diagnosis of Autism. This post is based on her presentation given during “Empaths Shifting into 2012: A Telesummit to Help Energy-Sensitive People Understand Their Spiritual Role on Earth” during which Suzy presented “Autism: A Positive Step in Human Evolution” from which this article has been excerpted.
Suzy Miller started her relationship with the autistic population in 1999 with a boy who communicated telepathically with her. In the initial days of working with this individual, she found out very quickly that she was telepathic—she was hearing full sentences and coherent words through which she was getting clear images.  To satisfy her left brain’s desire and speech pathology background, she needed to substantiate what she was hearing in order to put it into practice and create a practical shift in awareness.  She needed to validate this information so she could move it forward. 
These children experience the world much differently than most.  Many people brought up in a western culture assume that if you can’t see it, touch it, or feel it, it must not be real. We also have a tendency to believe that if one cannot verbally communicate he or she may not be cognitively on par with those who can verbally communicate. And these children wanted to de-bunk much of that.  These individuals are not fully embodied into their physicality.  They are not fully grounded into their physical bodies; therefore, their vantage point is not in the physical environment.  Their vantage point is also not necessarily in the left brain’s mental process.  Their vantage point is in what I would consider higher realms, the spiritual or unseen realms, and they are quite articulate and functional in those realms.  They communicate consistently with things that you and I can’t see.  They communicate and use various languages in ways that we would not necessarily consider a language.  They are very focused in their intent to remain in that spirit world.
Suzy tells her story:
One of the first things that my young friend Riley said to me back in ’99 was, “We live in two worlds.  Your world and the real world.” I assumed at that time that this 3D reality that I could perceive with my mind, see, touch, and feel was the real world. He heard my thoughts and laughed and said, “No, my world is the real world. My world is the world of energy.” 
Today we know that everything is energy, but Riley’s focal point allowed him to see from a much broader vantage point than I did then.  These children hang out in that area of fast vibrational frequency in a broad perception of reality that can include ghosts, angels, archangels, and other dimensional beings that their interacting with on a consistent basis.  On a little denser level, they can understand the thoughts and feelings in this 3-D environment.
Many of these children have difficulty being in their bodies well enough to process information in our physical environment.  But they are very well versed at feeling or sensing their way through life.  We have a thought and we think it disappears when we’re done thinking it. However, for this population—and quite frankly for all of us—it is far from the truth. Some of us aren’t as tuned in to thought forms as children diagnosed with autism are. 
Join us tomorrow on this blog for another segment of Suzy Miller’s discussion on how to communicate with autistic children.
YOUR TURN: Does reading Suzy’s story cause you to ponder how you interact with a child having autism? How might your view of him or her be different now? Would you attempt to communicate telepathically with this population?
You may obtain the full transcription and MP3 audio of telesummit presentation, “Autism: A Positive Step in Human Evolution” from which this article has been excerpted, as well as Dr. Caron Goode’s presentations at Dr. Goode is the author of ten books, including her latest: Kids who See Ghosts~ Guide Them through Their Fear. She graduated with a doctoral degree from George Washington University in 1983 and is a licensed psychotherapist. 

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