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A Mystical Encounter with an Autistic Child

Suzy Miller developed The AWESOMISM Certification Process to assist other professionals, parents and caregivers in seeing beyond the limits of themselves and their children. In the telesummit, Empaths Shifting into 2012, Suzy presented “Autism: A Positive Step in Human Evolution” from which this article has been excerpted.
Autism as far as the western medical model is considered or concerned is a spectrum of neural psychiatric disorders characterized by deficits in social interaction and communication, unusual repetitive behaviors. Some, but not all, of these individuals are also nonverbal.  From this, a Western mindset hears the word “disorder.” After having spent a lot of time with these children Suzy sees a profound difference in them, but it is not a disorder; it is a wakeup call to humanity!
When the medical model looks at a disorder they pick up on the fact that a lot of these children have physical difficulties.  They have difficulty with digestion and left brain thought processes.  They have difficulties learning and understanding academics.  So, from that vantage point, you can understand why disorder might show up frequently in the diagnosis. Humans tend to avoid or criticize what they do not understand or whatever varies from the norm. Autism is such an occurrence. These children are spiritual beings with a message for us. We just haven’t learned how to hear them.
Suzy’s vantage point on autism is considerably different than that of the majority of people. It is based on information she received telepathically through these children.  If we look at autism from a broader vantage point, you will see brilliance of this difference.  In the presence of these children, we are experiencing something that is so unusual to our consciousness that it is very difficult for most individuals to not view this population as disordered.
Suzy says, “Quite frankly, from my eyes as a former speech pathologist when I was first beginning to work with some of these children back in 1999 I’d have to say that would be my vantage point as well. But once you have new experiences you can never go back to the old understanding.”
What we are seeing in these individuals is something we have never seen before.  Our left brains don’t know what to do with the awareness of autism in our presence.  We don’t know what to make of the behaviors.  We don’t know what to think of the sounds and the noises they make.  We don’t know what to make of the nonverbal communication or the communication that doesn’t seem directed to anything in the physical environment.  And because we don’t know what to do with that, of course we have a tendency to call them disordered. 
I’ll let Suzy speak in her own words.
In 1999, I had an encounter with a young boy named Riley who was diagnosed with autism.  I was a speech language pathologist in a private practice and this individual whom I was seeing in a daycare center walked up to me.
He was pacing back and forth saying, “It’s the millennium, 1999!”
My eyes were aligned with a medical vantage point at the time and I thought to myself, “This is an interesting little kid.  Something is going on here, something’s wrong here.   He doesn’t look like everybody else.”
While I was still in thought, this young man walked up to me and looked me right in the eyes and said, “Master.”
The moment he said the word master, my physiology changed.  My body knew that this child had seen something within me that I did not know existed.  Why was this child able to see a level of mastership in my consciousness that I was not even aware of myself?
As we were having that exchange, I could feel his presence tapping into my energy.  I took him to a back room so we could work in private even though I was not really sure what I was going to do with this child. I sat down in front of the door and watched.  I was curious; I was not trying to put this experience into a box.  I visually saw a body of light floating above his physical body. That was not only a new experience for me, it was exhilarating and frightening. 
My initial thought was, “What am I seeing?” I’m was processing this when I heard a little boy’s voice in my head, “That’s my light body; you are here to help me put my light body back into my physical body.” And thus started my relationship with the population that’s known as autistic. 
Join us tomorrow for more on the topic of communicating with autistic children.
YOUR TURN: Do you think autistic children are disordered? Do you know anyone like Suzy who has the ability to understand and telepathically communicate with them? We would like to hear your story. Please leave a comment below this article.
Suzy Miller is the visionary founder of Blue Star Brilliance LLC and author of AWESOMISM: A New Way to Understand the Diagnosis of Autism. After a 22-year career as a pediatric speech language pathologist, Suzy met a four-year old child diagnosed with autism who was destined to change not only the way she viewed autism, but life in general. This powerful interaction left her with the skill of telepathy, which she uses to communicate with the highest aspects of we are, bringing awareness and integration of those higher aspects of self into our daily lives. 
Suzy Miller is the author of AWESOMISM!:  A New Way to Understand the Diagnosis of Autism.You may obtain the full transcription and MP3 audio of Suzy’s telesummit presentation as well as Dr. Caron Goode’s presentations at Dr. Caron Goode is the author of ten books, including her latest: Kids who See Ghosts~ Guide Them through Their Fear. She graduated with a doctoral degree from George Washington University in 1983 and is a licensed psychotherapist. 

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