Thursday, October 6, 2011

Parenting Classes for The Next Generation

Many parents, grandparents, and teachers are guardians of intuitive children. Since these adults did not have a spiritually-advanced role model when they were children, many are perplexed when trying to deal with children of today, who openly exhibit spiritual gifts. There are 12 modules in this class—each one is less than ten minutes. Each module outlines an example in story format of how to deal with particular situations such as . . .

• What to do when your child sees ghosts or angels
• How to empower a child to discover his spiritual mission on Earth
• Negotiating with a child who doesn’t want to cooperate
• What to do when your family experiences the death of a pet
• Caring for the environment
• How to support a child who is afraid of storms
• How to teach a child to meditate and listen to inner guidance
• How to encourage a child who has the gift of healing
• Accepting and appreciating diversity
• Supporting a child when a new baby is on the way (also thoughts on miscarriage)
• Teaching a child to love and respect himself
• How to teach a child to be honest

The online modules are conducted via video courses and includes all the audio stories and PDF ebooks in The Sid Series. Purchase via PayPal and gain immediate access to the course.


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