Sunday, October 30, 2011

Should I Allow a Ghost to Stay Around My Child?

Recently I had a mom concerned about her 2-year-old son who began reporting that he was seeing a ghost at home. Then, he started saying the ghost was following them to public places. The child was terrified of the ghost. To me, this suggests that the entity is an earthbound spirit and not a spirit guide.

A young child with limited vocabulary typically doesn't make up stories like this. First of all, he has no reason to lie about what he sees or pretend to be afraid of a ghost—a term he probably has not heard in his daily experience. Should a parent be concerned about this? I would say yes—not because there is something to be afraid of, but because as a parent you want to know who is hanging around your child (regardless of whether they have a physical body or not) and what that ghost’s intentions are.

Dr. Caron Goode wrote a book, Kids Who See Ghosts. In it, she suggests that parents find out what purpose the ghost serves in your child’s life. If a spirit is an elder (ancestor) who is serving as a spirit guide, children are usually not afraid of them. If is it an earthbound spirit (most likely in cases when a child is terrified of the entity). Dr. Goode would ask questions such as these:

1. Do you as a parent want this spirit interacting or watching your son? Why or why not?
2. Does your son want the ghost around him? Why or why not?

As a parent (or anyone in a human body), you—not the ghost—have the ultimate authority in a situation like this. Just as if someone were trespassing on your property, you have every right to say whether or not this ghost can watch and follow your child around. I would advise you to do a compassionate release to permanently remove the spirit and help it cross over.

Dr. Goode and I, along with ghost clearing expert Ranoli, recorded a 60-minute audio on clearing your space of entities. In this discussion, Caron talks about why children see ghosts, and I share a few ghost stories and how my psychic grandson interacted with the spirit world when he was very young. You may purchase the MP3 at

Regardless of whether or not you get the MP3, I hope you will take action to keep this and other entities from attaching to your child's auric field.

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  1. My 2 yr old granddaughter sees spirits and playes with them. The past few weeks she has started running to the windows insisting my step son is outside with a baby. My step son does not live here. There's nothing in the area that she could see to make a visual association. This has happened at different windows in my house. I am very concerned about this because she tries to get out the door to get to him. This is not one of our normal spirits.

  2. Hello - Dr, Caron Goode here, and I would like to respond to your question. If I may suggest several things for a two year old, please see what feels right to you and let me know what works. And thanks for understanding that this play can be very normal for a 2 year old because her growing brain allows much more than a human brain. When you tell me she is consistently repeating the same behavior to have access to this being she sees, I would create access for her to see what is going on.

    1. one suggestion is to make this a game or play time with her, not expressing fear, but acting like, oh someone came to visit, let's go greet them. First I would stand at the window with her and wave and speak to the visitor-Nice of you to come - so being with your granddaughter in play, you move the game ahead - asking your granddaughter playful questions and allowing her to answer yes, no at first--do they want to come in and play? Do they want to stay with you while you eat lunch? while you take a nap?

    The idea with the first game is to get her to stop going to the window, and to invite them inside to play with her, and then observe and watch what is going on.

    The second idea is to follow her lead. take her hand and walk outside with her and ask a question now and then to see if u can get answers - where are they, what do say, can we help them - asking what ever to solicit information.

    3rd idea - i just have the deepest feeling she wants to connect with them and until she does, you won't know why she sees them. So next, I would stay with her outside, playing within the normal boundary of yard etc, and watch and observe. Now and then ask, are you done? are you ready to go in? Watch how she plays with them, and then let me know what works and I can advise more.

    When I see you granddaughter's energetic connection to him, it is from her heart. So whatever she feels for them, it does pull at her heart strings in kind a literal way.


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