Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Helping An Empathic Child Restore Strength

by Caron Goode

“A resilient child does not need all these features to be resilient, but one (set of skills) is not enough. Resilience results from a combination of these features.”

The International Resilience Project put forth A Guide to Promoting Resilience in Children: Strengthening the Human Spirit. In this book, the author, Goldberg, suggests that children can draw from three sources of resilience. The first is to know what is available to them. The second resource is their inner personal skills, and the third resource is the action they can take. The three resources are reflected in statements for each category:

I HAVE represents what is available in their environment.
I AM statements reflect the child’s resources.
I CAN statements represent what the child could do, what action feels right.

 A big brother who supports me and loves me.
 My dog, Max, who sleeps on my bed when I feel upset.
 My family who love me.

 A sensitive person who likes to help others.
 Happy most of the time
 Willing to be responsible for what I do

 Share my feeling with my parents when I am overwhelmed.
 Shift my moods from sad to happy
 Take ten deep breaths to calm down and focus.

For further information, check out Raising Intuitive Children.

Dr. Goode is the founder of the Academy for Coaching Parents International, a global online school for training successful, wealthy parenting coaches in home-based businesses. She is the author of fifteen books, including the international best seller, Kids Who See Ghosts, the national award-winner Raising Intuitive Children. See and review all of Dr. Goode’s books here.

Many parents, grandparents, and teachers are guardians of intuitive children. Since many of these adults did not have a spiritually-advanced role model when they were children, they are perplexed when trying to deal with the children of today, who openly exhibit spiritual gifts. The Sid Series is now part of the curriculum for “Fostering Empathic Values for Soulful Living.” There are 12 modules in this class—each one is less than ten minutes. Learn more or sign up at http://live-spirit.com/empathytelesummit

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