Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Over and Above!

My granddaughter, Keilie, is in the fourth grade.  She had an assignment to write a paper using all of her spelling words beginning with over. Her paper was chosen as the *winner* of the class. I typed it up to share with you today. 

My Bad Day
By Keilie Perry

When I came home I had an overdue library book and an overworked project. I tried to bake cookies and I overcooked them too. I traveled to the grocery store and bought some strawberries but when I got home they were overripe! A couple minutes later I got thirsty and I poured some water and it overflowed! I went to water the flowers and I accidentally watered weeds and they have overgrown to the sky. So I fell to sleep and when I woke up I got my overcoat on to go out. I ran out of gas so I walked inside to pay for gas and got a piece of candy. I ate it and got overactive. I zoomed all the way out to the car! I really wanted a dog so I twirled all the way to the pet shop. I saw an overweight cat right next to the dog I wanted. I named my dog Lucky. When I came home my house was over populated with friends and family because it was family reunion day!
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