Friday, April 6, 2012

Things Parents Do for/to Their Children

Our name has a propensity towards setting up certain experiences or challenges that we will have in life. When our parents picked our name it wasn’t random. Something from their soul or heart essence had a connection, or remembrance, or a feeling that their child would have certain needs or interests and they picked a suitable name. It is innately that we do this for our children.

We all possess intuitive and innate healing wisdom. It is a sixth sense that allows us to maneuver through this world. Unfortunately, in the process of what we call socialization we make this connection look less important than it is and we try to discourage it because we don’t want our children to think they’re different.

All children have a very strong sense of these feelings and connections; and sometimes they are told  they shouldn’t talk about things like that. They may be told to be quiet lest people think they are different. Innocently many parents do this to their children. Most of this comes from the topic of psychic gifts not being accepted as a valid concept by people who are very religious.

Do your children exhibit spiritual gifts?
How are you helping them manage this type of energy?

Leave a comment and let’s chat.

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  1. My daughter has exhibited spiritual gifts since the womb. As soon as we decided on her name, Sage we kept seeing signs from her. Like huge billboards with SAGE written on them. Letting us know she was connecting w/us before she was even born. Since birth she has astounded Dr's & teachers w/her intellectual abilities "off the charts", "I've never seen this before" etc are what we hear. She has many spirit sisters which she contacts (& becomes very upset when someone calls them imaginary friends). She speaks of the place she came from as "baby heaven", talks of fairies & lands she knows to be real (that others cannot "see"). She chanted herself to sleep as a baby & has grown into an amazing musician (playing anything from ear on piano). She has things she calls "word pictures" where certain words that wouldn't cause "the average person" alarm can upset her greatly because of the visions which are connected to them. She has manifests things & situations for herself regularly. I could literally go on the hours, days, weeks with many more examples. She is a star child & posses such a spirit of love & empathy. I constantly question how much I should "explain" to her & mostly choose to just let her "be" & follow her own path. It does become difficult trying to explain to her why she feels different (special). I often think about homeschooling as it is becoming more of a challenge for "the system" to understand her giftedness. I tend to be a worrier (which I am working on) & she constantly tells me "it's ok mom I am not afraid of anything!".

  2. What an awesome story. Thank you for sharing this with us. I love the way she affirmed her name and presence with you before her birth. She is indeed a special soul here to help the planet ascend. Thank you, Sage, for being here with us now at this time of rapid change and spiritual advancement.


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